More Than I Deserve Live (Vertical Church Band)

Title: More Than I Deserve Live
Artist: Vertical Church Band
Album: Frontiers
Released: 2016
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Details: Psalm 103:10, “He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.”

Verse 1

                A                       C#m
I am covered by your blood
I’m known by you and loved
                A                    C#m        B
With nothing left to prove or hide
                   A                    C#m
By your grace I am redeemed
And my identity
           A                   C#m               B
Is knowing that I    am your child
              A                   E/G#               B
I am grateful to be called your child


O what a gift you gave
O what a price you paid
C#m                                  A
More than I deserve, More than I deserve
Your constant faithfulness
Your every promise is
C#m                                  A
More than I deserve, More than I deserve

Verse 2

                     A                 C#m
You are generous and kind
                E               B
Your presence satisfies
    A                        C#m    B
Calming every hidden  fear
                   A            C#m
What a selfless sacrifice
           E                            B
The love that gave me life
      A                              C#m              B
O Lamb of God, you brought me here


More than all
                    C#m                      E             A
More than all     the riches of this world
More than all
                    C#m                         E              A
More than all      the treasure I could hold

Verse 3

               A                   C#m
For no eye has ever seen
        E                        B
No ear has ever heard
           A                     C#m         B
The glory that will  be    revealed
            F#m                C#m
Every tear is wiped away
            E                  B
No sorrow will remain
              F#m                  C#m              B
The kingdoms of the earth  will kneel
                    A                     E/G#        B
For the kingdom of our God    is here

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