Shake The Planet (Planetshakers)

Title: Shake The Planet
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: When the Planet Rocked
Released: 2000
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Hebrews 12:26, “At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”

1st Part

                   D  C           D              F
The holy Spirit’s got me pumpin’
   G                         D              C                    D
Flowing with the beat this  whole place  is jumpin’
     G      D          C           D              F
To the sound, the demons can’t stand it
  G          D             C              D       F      (G 2nd  time)
Coz tonight we’re  gonna shake this planet

We’re gonna shake this planet
And turn it upside down
We’re gonna praise Him where His presence can be found
We’re gonna shout His Praises
For His the One who reigns
We’re gonna sing it till the whole world has been saved

2nd part

C/D     D     C/D
Shake this   planet turn it upside down
C/D     D         C/D
With your Spirit come and make a sound
C/D    D        D
Save this generation going down
C/D  D               C/D                                                             (C/D D 4x)
Fill   us coz tonight we’re gonna shake this planet

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