Favoured (Planetshakers)

Title: Favoured
Artist: Planetshakers
Album: Nothing Is Impossible
Released: 2011
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Details: Proverbs 3:4, “So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.”


D   G   Em7   A

Verse 1
D                              G
You’re my Savior, You’re my Healer
Em7                              A
You’re everything I need
D                  D/F#        G
You’re my comfort, You’re my best friend
Em7                        A
Forever You will reign

               D/F#          G        A
You are high and lifted up
                  D/F#                 G               A
And Your Kingdom will have no end

         D                       G
I am favored I am blessed
              Em7                G                         A
By the cross, and the blood that was shed
          D                      G
I am favored I am blessed
            Em7                    G                                       A
I can do   all things, because of what You’ve done for me


D   A/D   G/D   A/D

G                        D                 A                           Bm
Nothing is impossible for  those who believe
G                       D                    A/B        Bm
Nothing is to difficult for our   God
G                        D                A                          Bm
Nothing is impossible for those who believe
           C             G/B
I believe, I believe in You

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