Remember (Passion Conferences)

Title: Remember
Artist: Passion Conferences
Album: Passion: Salvation’s Tide Is Rising
Released: 2006
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Details: Psalm 77:11, “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.’’


C#m7                          B/D#                        E
My   heart hangs on  every word that  You speak
I need You now Lord come find me
Holy   Spirit  breathe

C#m7                                       B/D#
I’ve     been walking through   deserts
I need more than Your presence
B                                            F#m7
I’m weak, Savior be my strength


Down in the valley
When waters rise
E                              A             B
I’m still believing hope is alive
C#m7                               B
All     through the struggle
E                A
And darkest day
        B                                E
I’ll remember the empty grave


C#m7                                     B/D#
Your   touch bringing me closer
Your hand healing what’s broken
B                                                     F#m7
My prayer, Father meet me here

C#m6                               B/D#
My   life for all of Your   glory
Your grace let it surround me
B                                            F#m7
Let faith change the atmosphere

*Repeat Chorus


        A                         E
Hallelujah death is done
          C#m7           B
All of hell  is overcome
A            E         B
Jesus You are alive

*Repeat Chorus

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