Peace Is What I Give You My Friend

Title: Peace Is What I Give You My Friend
Artist: –
Composer: –
Released: –
Posted by: Kyle
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Details: I don’t know much about this song and I’m sorry to leave such blank above. The only thing is that this song made a good memory to me wayback on my high school days in San Roque Catholic School. If you know some additional details on this song, you can use the comment form below to share it and I will consider that and modify this post. Thanks in advance.

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Ang Tanging Alay Ko

Title: Ang Tanging Alay Ko
Artist: Raymond Remo
Composer: Raymond Remo
Album: R. Remo Collections
Released: 1979
Posted by: Kyle
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Details: One of the most popular thanksgiving based song that we usually play in Catholic mass here in Philippines. The song is about Jesus who loved us despite of being sinner. In return, we want to offer our soul and whole life as a living sacrifice. In the end, we are looking forward for the comeback of our King as we offer ourselves. Continue reading Ang Tanging Alay Ko

Lift Up Your Hands

Title: Lift Up Your Hands
Artist: Garry Valenciano
Composer: Basil Valdez
Album: Hindi Kita Malilimutan
Released: 1994
Posted by: Kyle
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Details: We commonly played this song in Eulogy as an inspirational song telling us that life is not actually that hopeless if we can lean on God and to his plan. The lyrics is too inspirational to give us hope and have faith in God but honestly the melody is too emotional which will let you cry. I remember in my grand mother’s eulogy, my aunt requested to stop the song since it made us so sad with such mellow. Anyway as a Christian, I believe that we know clearly the message of the song and in the end, there is nothing to worry as God is already there. Continue reading Lift Up Your Hands

Evermore (Hillsong)

Title: Evermore
Artist: Hillsong United
Composer: Joel Houston
Album: More Than Life
Released: 2004
Posted by: Kyle
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Details: It was an unexpected situation when I discovered this song. My brother in Christ asked me to play bass for them since they are scheduled to play in wedding with Evermore as their entrance song. From there I need to practice it in just one day. In the first place I had doubted about this song which to be played in a wedding ceremony and yet I practiced it. When we are about to play the song, it was a big mistake that what my brother really intended to play is the Evermore from Plantshaker. Anyway, thanks to that unfortunate (or should I say fortunate) mistake that made me discovered this very powerful song from Hillsong. In addition, this song is very easy to play with a chord progression under the key of G. We often play this in a sudden situation wherein we need to play fast song. I really enjoy how Hillsong play the intro plus with the lyrics, “With all my life I’ll sing…”

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One Way (Hillsong)

Title: One Way (Jesus)
Artist: Hillsong United
Composer: JD & Joel Houston
Album: For All You’ve Done
Released: 2004
Posted by: Kyle
Download: Chords in PDF
Details: This song made the Hillsong known to me. The first song I’ve heard from them which is lyrically catchy that you usually hear in youth camp and some Christian based activities. Very easy to play and with a double accent using snare you will  distinguish this song. Based from John 14:6, yes Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only life.

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Adonai (Hillsong)

Title: Adonai
Artist: Hillsong Live
Composer: R.Badham & Mi. Fieldes
Album: Mighty To Save
Released: 2006
Posted by: Kyle
Download: Chords in PDF
Details: Adonai means Lord. As a servant of Jesus Christ specifically bassist in our local church, Adonai is one of my favorite from Hillsong. As you can hear from the intro, it has a very powerful yet easy to play bassline. But if you wish to play it, you should listen carefully to the song while you are practicing since the intro comes with a tricky chord progression. I recommend to play with the song while following the chords written below. So I hope after couple of practice you are able to play it with a good rendition. If you have something to ask or want to clarify, don’t hesitate to write down your insertion in the comment form below. God bless and I’m looking forward to share more lyrics and chords here and I believe that your comment will inspire me.

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