Lord of All (Hillsong)

Title: Lord of All
Artist: Hillsong Worship
Album: All Things Are Possible
Released: 1997
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”

Intro  Bb2 – C – F 2x

Verse 1
Bb2                                         Dm7
—-Lord I long to see you glorified
Bb                          Am7   Gm7
In everything I  do,   all  my heartfelt dreams
   Am7                                Bb
I  put aside to see your spirit move
          C                F
With power in my life

Verse 2
Bb                           Dm7
—-Jesus, lord of eternity
Bb                               Am7
—-Your children rise   in faith
Gm7                                                   Am7
——All the earth displays your glory
And each word you speak
           C                       F
Brings  life to all who hear

              C    C/Bb   F/A       C/E
Lord of all,           all  of creation
                        F/A   Bb        F/C              C
Sings your praise, in   heaven and earth
C/Bb         F/A    Bb   Dm7               Gm7
Lord   we stand,     hearts  open wide
         F/C  – C
Be exalted

*Repeat Chorus

*Repeat Verse 1

*Repeat Verse 2

*Repeat Chorus 3x

          F/C – C             F/C – C
Be exalted,      be exalted . . . 4x

*Repeat Chorus 2x

          F/C – C              F/C  – C
Be exalted,        be exalted . . . 2x

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