Lord I Give Myself (Hillsong)

Title: Lord I Give Myself
Artist: Hillsong United
Album: Friends in High Places
Released: 1995
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Details: Psalm 37:4, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

C           F          G
Lord I give myself
C   C/E    F
I trust   in You
Dsus4   D7/F#    Gsus4 G     C/E
Mighty  God            My Sav – iour
F                 G
And Your mercy and love
C    C/E    F                 Dm7 G     F/C   C
Overflows and my soul       rejoices

C               F                  G
Lord tell me Your ways
C          C/E     F
Guide my steps
Dsus4  D7/F#    Gsus4      G      C/E
Lead me  to          Your  righteousness
F                          G
And the light of  Your love
C  C/E      F
Takes  my fears away
Dm7          G       F/C         C
‘Cause I know You walk before me

D         G     A
O my Shepherd
D D/F#    G                 Esus4   E7/G#
You let me  rest in Your arms
Asus4     A
You comfort me
D/F#            G                      A
And everywhere that I go
D    D/F#   G                  Em7
I’m not a – lone Mighty God
A                       G/D      D
I know You’re with me

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