Just Let Me Say (Hillsong)

Title: Just Let Me Say
Artist: Hillsong Worship
Album: People Just Like Us
Released: 1994
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Details: Luke 9:61, “Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.”

Intro F-C6/E-Dm-Dm7/C-Bflat2-Bflat/C-F

Verse 1

Bflat/C            F            C/E        Dm  Dm/C
Just   let  me say how much I love  You
             Bflat2                   Gm7            C
Let me speak  of Your mercy and grace
Csus4/D  C/E     F                 C/E                        Dm Dm7/C
Just    let    me  live in the shadow of Your beau-ty
             Gm                      Bflat2  C2  C7/Bflat
Let me see  You face to face

                  Am7                                     Dm          Dm7/C
And the earth  will shake as Your word goes forth
                  Gm7                                    Gm7/F    C/E C2/D
And the Heavens will tremble and  fall
C                   F             C/E               Dm Dm7
But let me say  how much I love You
               Bflat2                                F          Bflat/F C
Oh my Saviour, my Lord and friend

Verse 2

Bflat/C          F                            C/E    Dm Dm/C
Just let me hear Your finest whispers
             Bflat2               Gm7     C
As You gently call my name
Csus4/D  C/E    F           C/E                        Dm Dm7/C
And  let   me  see Your power and Your glory
             Gm           Bflat2    C2     C7/Bflat
Let me feel Your Spirit’s flame

             Am7                       Dm    Dm7/C
Let me find  You in the desert
             Gm7     Gm7/F   C/E    C2/D
‘Til the sand is holy    ground
C                 F               C/E                 Dm       Dm7
And I am found completely surrendered
                    Bflat2    C    F         G
To You my Lord  and friend

Verse 3

C/D              G            D/F#             Em Em/D
So   let me say how much I love You
                      C2                        Am    D
With all my heart I long for You
D/E  D/F#    G                          D/F#              Em   Em7/D
For   I  am  caught in this passion of knowing
                         Am         C2          D2         D7/C
This endless love I’ve found in you

                  Bm7                             Em                         Em7/D
And the depth  of grace and forgiveness found
             Am7        G           D/F#    D2/E
To be called a child of God
D                          G            D/F#             Em     Em7
Just makes me say how much I love You
                C2                 D                 G
Oh my saviour, my Lord and friend

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