You Are God (Citipointe)

Title: You Are God
Artist: Citipointe Live
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Details: Psalm 82:6, “I said, You are “gods; you are all sons of the Most High.”

Verse 1
Fm                    Ab
We are Your Church
Db                     Fm
Vibrant and alive
FM                    Ab
We are your people
Db                            Fm
Chosen to be your light

Eb                  Fm
We will humble ourselves
Eb                Fm
We will seek    your face
Eb                Fm
Let your church arise
Eb                     Db
With never ending praise

You are God
No wonder I’m in love with you
We live to bring you praise
                                Fm                 (F# on repeat)
We live to bring you praise

Verse 2
Fm                  Ab
As one we unite
Db                           Fm
Standing as your bride
Fm                                 Ab
Bringing justice and love
                     Db                   Fm
And the wonder of your life

Db     Eb         Fm    Eb          Db
All praise to the, Righteous one
          Eb          Fm   Eb/G        Db
All praise to the,  King   of love
          Eb         Fm              Eb          Db
All praise to the, God of Miracles
And life

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