Jesus In Our Midst (Catholic Hymns)

Title: Jesus In Our Midst
Artist: Catholic Hymns
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Details: Luke 17:21, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Intro     F – Am – Dm – F – Bb – C – Bb – F
Doo.. Doo.. Doo..

Verse 1
       F                                  Am
We know that You are here
                    Dm                F
And with us this very day
                                Bb                             C
‘Cause you have always been with us
                      Bb                 F
Since the beginning of time.

*Do same chords as Verse 1
The looks of everyone
The smiles around are just to say
That we have always longed for You
Since the beginning of time.

‘Cause you are here
           C                    F – Am – Dm – C – Bb
Jesus You are with us
            C                                Bb         F
In our midst to guide our every act
And now we ask
                       C                     F Am- Dm-C-Bb
That You remain forever in our midst
         C                      Bb – F
Even if we’re far apart.

*Do Intro Chords

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