Buklod ng Pag-ibig (CFC)

Title: Buklod ng Pag-ibig
Artist: CFC
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Efeso4:1-3, “Kaya’t ako, na isang bilanggo dahil sa Panginoon, ay nakikiusap sa inyo na mamuhay kayo gaya ng nararapat sa mga tinawag ng Diyos. Kayo’y maging mapagpakumbabá, mahinahon at matiyaga. Magmahalan kayo at magpasensiya sa isa’t isa. Sikapin ninyong mapanatili ang pagkakaisa na kaloob ng Espiritu, sa pamamagitan ng kapayapaang nagbubuklod sa inyo.”

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Thank You For The Cross (CFC)

Title: Thank You For The Cross
Artist: Mark Altrogge
Album: Integrity Praise Music
Released: 1990
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: I found it hard to search for this song as Google giving the result of Worthy is the Lamb. Until I found out a song written by Mark Altrogge. Known by his songs which are usually plays in CFC/YFC so if you are also looking for the song you’ve heard from their congregation, it is likely that you are going to find it here.

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All I Desire (CFC)

Title: All I Desire
Artist: City Harvest Glory
Composer: City Harvest Glory
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: The song reminds me of, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (Matthew 16:26). So as christian we should say that God is all I desire.

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You Are Our Treasure (CFC)

Title:  You Are Our Treasure
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: The lyrics reminds me of Mathew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So the song is telling us that God is their treasure. As a treasure, God should be always in our heart. He is our delight that makes us happy in every way we do in our life. This is like a dream. If you have a dream, a valuable dream either a material things or spiritual things, if you really want it, you will go for it, you will strive to get this treasure and once you got it, you will keep it in you heart, guard it with everything you have.

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Born Into A Battle (CFC)

Title: Born Into A Battle
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: We can sing this not only literal battle but also in spiritual battle or battle in our lives such as suffering and challenge. Trials are part of life and instead of crying or get depressed on it, why not sing such joyful songs like this and ask God to help you in your battle in life. There is no problem in life that He can’t carry as He carried the world on His shoulder when He sacrificed His life for us.

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Consider The Lilies (CFC)

Title: Consider The Lilies
Composer: Roger Hoffman
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details:  Based from Luke 12:27. This song reminds us not to get worried on everything as well as don’t be fascinated on things that will only exist temporarily. I learned this song when I was the playing bass guitar in catholic charismatic renewal movement.

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Crown Him Lord Of Lords (CFC)

Title: Crown Him Lord Of Lords
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: This is a song usually you will be heard from attending Couples for Christ spiritual activities. So if you been there and you like this song from them, you can download the lyrics and chords in PDF of Crown Him Lord of Lords.

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Exodus 15 (The Lord Is My Strength)

Title: Exodus 15
Artist: Frank Gallio
Composer: Frank Gallio
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: When we feel weak about the things that came to our life, we can sing this song and be reminded as the Lord is our strength and also our salvation. And the only thing we need to do is to prepare our heart for Him.

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Fix My Eyes On Jesus (CFC)

Title: Fix My Eyes On Jesus
Artist: Julius Sevilla
Composer: Julius Sevilla
Download: Lyrics and Chords
Details:  Based from Hebrews 12:2. Because without focus, we can easily be distructed in the world. We will see different beautiful things around which will let us forget Jesus. Also not only beautiful things that this world can offer but also bad things that might get us troubled and worried. So Paul reminds us that we should fix our eyes on Jesus as our aim to live according to His standard as well as hoping for His promise of salvation.

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