Trops (Jireh Lim)

Title: Ka-Trops
Artist: Jireh Lim
Composer: Jireh Lim
Release: 2016
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: This is the official opening soundtrack of GMA’s television series, Trops.

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Come, Let Us Go Up

Title: Come, Let Us Go Up
Composer: Clifford Boyd
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Based from Isaiah 2:3. I remember when I was a member of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, we used to climb in mountain every Pentecost celebration to sing worship songs to the Lord. It was a good experience especially you will do it in breaking dawn with lots of community activities to enjoy.

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Let Your Glory Fill This House

Title: Let Your Glory Fill This House
Artist: Cathy Banks
Composer: Larry Stockstill
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: I learned this song from catholic charismatic prayer group and we used to sing this song as we invite Holy Spirit to join our congregation. Our worship leader said that it is the most important for us being in worship team. Aside from playing good with our instrument we need to prepare ourselves so Holy Spirit will rest on us the glory of God will fill our house.
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Send Us Out (To Proclaim The Reign)

Title: Send Us Out
Artist: John Michael Talbot
Composer: John Michael Talbot
Released: 1984
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details:  Based from Luke 9:2. This is a lifetime journey of a Christian as we are still living in this world, we should proclaim the reign of God’s kingdom. And in this journey, we don’t need to worry even taking nothing for this journey because God will provide. The journey is not easy but this is worth taking because we are doing it for God’s glory.

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To Love You And To Make You Loved

Title: To Love You And To Make You Loved
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Based from Philippians 1:21. Before you love a person, of course you need to know him first. Though there is a quote from the world about “love at first sight” well knowing what love is from Corinthians 13:4-8, I can’t consider the saying a real love at all. So as for people to love God, we should let them know Christ and what He did for us. And to make it possible we need to live the same as Christ being a living example of Him. We can only do this if we love Him because that is not easy at all. Expect persecution, trials, and challenges from the world but take heart, God conquered the world.

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The People of God

Title: The People of God
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: Please don’t be confused this song with Gungor and Watson’s People of God. This is song a traditional christian song which Couples for Christ  usually sings in their congregation. Being a people of God, we need to live our lives under his standard. Obeying his commandments of evangelization and loving one another as Christ loved us. We as His people we need to live as a light to others letting them to know the word of God and promises to them.

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As We Gather (The Steadfast Love of the Lord)

Title: As We Gather
Artist: Mike Faye
Composer: Mike Faye And Tom Coomes
Posted by: Kyle
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF
Details: This is song is memorable to me as this is the first song that I played using bass guitar. At that time I really want to play bass but that is not my position so I need to stick as back up guitarist. But every time in our practice session when our bassist is still not yet around, I used to practice bass. Until the time came when the bassist was absent and then our music director asked me if I can play the bass for this song. With a sudden amazed I said yes and I played this song smoothly. This is very easy to play since there is no sustain for every chord and at that time I really don’t know how to play it if I’m going to sustain on chord. They also got shocked in me after seeing me know how to play bass. And that was a good memories for me who are now playing bass as main instrument.

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A New Commandment

Title: A New Commandment
Composer: Richard Mark Stephen Irwin
Posted by: Macx
Download: Chords in PDF
Details: Based from John 13:34-35 and it is about Jesus Christ gave us the new commandment of loving one another as a sign that we are christian as we love one another of the same love we had from him. Most of us claiming that we are christian but sometimes we forgot this commandment of loving one another despite on how this world is full of conflict, struggle, trials and problem we shouldn’t forget what Christ want us to do.


    D          Bm                    Em7 –         A7
A new commandment l give unto you,
                   D               Bm           Em7                  A7
that you love one another as I have loved you,
                F#m               Bm      Em   A7        D
that you love One another as l have loved you

D7      G             A7                      D          A         Bm
By      this shall all men know you are my disciples
      G               A   Bm           G     D     D7
lf you have love one to another.
        G            A7                 F#m                 Bm
By this shall all men know you are my disciples
    Em             A       Bm         G     D
If you have loved one to another (Repeat)

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Happy Is The Man

Title: Happy Is The Man (Who Loves The Lord)
Details: I really like the groovy rendition of bass in this song that sounds in many popular local songs here in our country. As a fast song, we commonly play it in intro part and most of the time in recessional. It is not only me but also some of my friends got this song stuck on their head (LSS) especially the bassline and the melody. Though the verse part is not that so powerful compare to chorus but still the chorus part have it all the way.
Download: Lyrics and Chords PDF

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